I have 2 short-legged dexters i want to bull.  Could you please put an ad out to see if anyone has a bull to hire. Black, non-short.  We are based near Louth in Lincolnshire.  My contact number is 07919157552. Many Thanks Laura



I am looking for 2/3 steers as a small starter herd. Not for killing or breeding but more of a hobby for me and my grandson. We have nearly 4 acres of fenced fields with water and a new field shelter.I do have past experience with cattle from my younger days but need a breed that is not to difficult to look after.I am in south Cheshire and would like delivery and up to date TB tests carried out. 

Michael W Harthern. mike.harthern@btinternet.com



We are looking for 2-3 docile, healthy , unwanted Dexters that we could have from May-Oct to graze  2 dryish, open  fields (about 2 acres) and 2 soggier, shadier ones (1 acre) in our Town Council’s Watermeadows? We are in Woodstock, north of Oxford.

We have fencing and water and many willing volunteers who walk through daily who’d keep an eye on them.

We can get registered with DEFRA . We’d prefer to have them just for the summer rather than own them and have to deal with looking after them all year. We’d pay for transport and TB checks. However, if necessary we could find them some winter pasture locally .We used to have a few Dexters lent by a local farmer but they are retiring.

Emma Jay 
The Retreat, Banbury Rd, Woodstock,OX201LJ
01993 811222/07703131000


Dexter Steers/Heifers

We are a butchery based in Dorset looking for a supply of Dexter Beef animals that have been locally reared to us in the southwest & ideally we are looking at Pedigree animals as we have now just become a full member of the Dexter society and are looking at using the Dexter Beef mark Logo stickers on all pedigree beef , but we do have a market for non pedigree animals too.  


Gavin Keen,Butchery Manager,The Blackmore Vale Butchery,(The Keen Meat Company Ltd),Coking Farm,West Stour,Dorset,Sp8 5sf   Tel: 01747 838881   bmvbutchery@aol.com   www.bmv-butchery.co.uk