A PEDIGREE, black, Non-short, steer. TB Test . July 1st 2021. TB free herd for 45 years. DARKWOLF DEXTERS all come to call and are all reared as pets in a closed herd. Superb temperament All DARKWOLF DEXTER cattle are halter trained and handleable and can be approached, haltered and fondled in the field. SUITABLE to rear on as COMMERCIAL (DEXTER BEEF) CATTLE, PETS, OR LAWN MOWERS. DARKWOLF SAMSON is bred from a line of High Class pedigree stock including, Elmwood MacCoy, Ipsitty Bridegroom 34 and Moomin Jupiter 07815 691285

Sex-Steer Colour-Black Type-Non-Short

DOB- Herd Book No.-N44779

Sire-Moomin MacDuff (M4056)

Dam-Darkwolf Roxana (F46789)


Mrs D J Thomas based in Swiss Valley Llanelli

Phone-07815691285 Email-bryce@bryce-richard-thomas.co.uk

Seller Herd Prefix-DARKWOLF