Heavy Breathers?

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Heavy Breathers?

Post by Saffy »

I'm not sure if there is a proper term... Does anyone else get them in their Dexter calves?

Over the years I have had several. I have come to realise that my Dexter calves can sound as if they have a really bad case of pneumonia when there is absolutely nothing wrong with them they are just making a weird noise whilst working extra hard to, either smell the new person I have brought with me or the treat in the bucket. As soon as the treat goes onto the floor/into the trough/into the mouth or the stranger goes they are magically cured. This was awfully awkward the day a young and very determined vet was with me and one calf got an injection for it!!!

I confess a weaned bull fell foul to this recently as I forgot and injected him, it was only when he did it again today and I put some food in the trough that I realised my mistake....

Anyone else have Dexters that do this? They only seem to do when they are young, sort of weaned calf age.
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Re: Heavy Breathers?

Post by Mark Bowles »

Must admit I have has a couple, nothing wrong with them.
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