Cattle Prices

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Cattle Prices

Post by Boofarm »

We have a few heifers for sale and were asked if we had any steers for sale, which we do, after an exchange of emails:--

"I would pay up to 400 for a 24 month old one."

does anyone sell cattle at these prices??
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Re: Cattle Prices

Post by SteveM »

would depend on if you already have an alternative market.

As beef I would be looking at £250 a quarter, so allowing for killing, cutting, transport etc you should be looking at least £600 left.

Going on recent auction prices, £400 would probably be a good return, as unlikely to achieve that after auction and transport costs.
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Re: Cattle Prices

Post by ann »

With the costs of feed and bedding this winter I would think thats not a bad price, hopefully come spring prices will improve but there has been so many cattle going cheap as people have been trying to cut down rather than buy feed if you need to move them go for it.
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Re: Cattle Prices

Post by Jac »

Would they not be ready to kill at 24 months so no onward feeding needed? I have been asked to pay £750 when short of beef so £400 is a steal (assuming they are good to go).
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Rob R
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Re: Cattle Prices

Post by Rob R »

It depends what they weigh, at £1 per kg that'd be 400kg. As Ann says it's a buyers market at the moment so it depends how much you need to sell them, if you're happy to keep them name your price, but don't expect them to go. I wouldn't sell steers as low as that but ours are outside, not taking up shed space.
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