For Sale Duffryn Bevis and his Family Tree

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For Sale Duffryn Bevis and his Family Tree

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Duffryn Bevis for sale £1250 let me know if you are interested.
Nutlin Ginger Spice VG88 - his Dam, photo at 17 years when he was born and also when she was Classified.
Woodmagic Hedehog 4th - his Sire (photographed at UK Sires.) WOODMAGIC_HEDGEHOG_4th-001.jpg

Edited to add if interested let me know on 01600 780560 or

And the herd are regularly tested for IBR, BVD, Lepto and Johne's.TB tested clear and ready to go to a new home.

Has been halter trained but not been on a lead or tied up recently.
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