Knightsway Dexters

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Knightsway Dexters

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I am seeking photos of Knightsway Paddy in particular and . . . ANY. . . . . photos of Dexters from the Knightsway herd to begin a historical record of these pedigrees with displayed photos.

I am also seeking photos of Woodmagic animals.

It is this simple>>>>>> You can scan them to the Legacy email address. You can take a photo of a photo with cell phone or notepad, and email it: (

Perhaps you visited these herds and took photos. Perhaps you inquired of animals for sale and received photos. Before they are lost to history, please get them to Legacy for the historical record.

IF . . . . you have ANY photos. . . . . . especially of older Dexter cattle, ( ANY HERD), I would be grateful for a copy.