DCS 2017 trophy awards

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DCS 2017 trophy awards

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2017 DCS Trophy Awards

Bertandano Sheild Mr & Mrs L Digweed and Mr P Gardner

Mayberry Trophy Bull gaining most points Ballyloughan Edinborough

E H Peyton Trophy Female gaining most points Tooloos Freshia

Wellington Black Pearl Cup best homebred bull Cannington Templar

Tanner Cup best homebred female Tooloos Freshia

Jackie Limb Cup junior bull Avalon Artorius

Dexter Breeders Trophy Mr & Mrs Montgomery & Mr & Mrs McClenaghan (Ballyloughan)

John Watling Rossette and prize best heifer under 24 months Newbury Show Mr & Mrs Chivers Frith Image

Angela Seymour Junior member Oliver Spence

Lisa Kemmish under 12 years member Mathew Bloomer

Knotting Trophy East Anglia Group

Mary Kay bulletin trophy Caroline Bradbury

Buryhill trophy senior handler national show (Balmoral) Jemma Mcdowell

Wise trophy intermediate handler national show Elana Bloomer

Cannington trophy junior handler national show Grace Bloomer

Presidents Trophy Jane Paynter

Linear Duffryn female trophy Vom Doerener Holz Sonne EX94 Ms S Sander

Linear Male trophy Saltaire Apple EX95 Mrs J Hunt
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