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Your best guess on historical bull

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 3:14 pm
by JamsHundred
In the historical Grinstead videos from British Pathe, you will see a bull being led by his nose. WHO is he? Is he SPARR NERO 1428, or OXLEY TIM 1447?
There is an outside chance he could be Castle Morton Fann 1456 but it is so doubtful to not be considered because of the size of the horns.

This is a film from 1949. In the 1949 herd book there are only three bulls mentioned with this herd. In the listings of calves born, all three sired calves. Castle Morton Fann only had two calves registered with DCS, both were Grinstead. He is shown as the sire of two calves born early in the year, but he does not appear in her listing at the end of the year.

Sparr Nero. His birthdate is 12/13.1945. If the video was in the spring he would be a full four years old... . nearly five it it was fall.
Oxley Tim His birthdate is 5/9/1946. Spring Video would have him about 3 years old. . . .fall just months older.

When you click on this link you will see options beneath the photo box. One of them is to view the stills. If you go to the section 5:30-6.0 you will see the bull.

I think this is Sparr Nero. Does anyone have a photo of him? I was told that there is an Australian "Bulletin" that has a photo of Sparr Nero but I've never been able to locate it. ... attle-herd

Re: Your best guess on historical bull

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2020 6:07 pm
by JamsHundred
While looking up data this morning, I ran across the photo of Sparr Nero on the Legacy site. I never answered my own question posted here. . .. that the bull in the Pathe video seems to be Sparr Nero.

Speaking of which. . .. . . .for those who like browsing pedigrees and history. . . .you definitely should visit the Legacy World Archives. With the exception of 1/1/2 herdbooks from prior to 1931. .. .EVERY pedigree and the connecting Irish ancestors are complete in the Legacy World files. And. .. . . even better for browsing are all the photos. EVERY photo of an early Dexter that could be found anywhere. .. . . has been entered and displays on the pedigrees. An archival treasure trove for Dexter lovers, historians, researchers.

IF. . . . you would like to add your modern Dexters and photos. . to connect to the pedigrees, they are welcome. At the least, visit the site and enjoy the data available with thanks and appreciation to a number of UK breeders who have helped with the effort. Those who might have pictures in your files, especially of Dexters past. . . . . .it would be wonderful to be able to add them to the pedigrees ! !

Here is an example of a search for Woodmagic. If you click on the "P" Box it will bring up the pedigree, and the pedigrees show any pictures that are added. http://www.legacydextercattleregistry.c ... odmagic%25